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Tyler Dawson

Tyler Dawson is a Vancouver-based wine professional involved in a long-term passionate wine affair. Hats he wears - often at the same time - include fine wine buyer, fine wine sales pro, educator and sommelier consultant, working inside organizations and as an independent consultant through Tythewineguy brand for nearly 30 years . As he likes to say, "I connect wine to clients and clients to wine".

Tyler’s knowledge and unique perspective are a result of his experiential learning - at home and in wine regions around the globe. Being in wine country, meeting with winemakers “in situ” is the best classroom – but not the only one – to peel back the many layers of wine and culture. Tyler’s Italian Wine Professional (Honours) designation, is one example of how to access and advance your knowledge, as well as seminars at Cornucopia!
"Working in fine wine retail and hospitality for many years, I've had the pleasure of interacting with thousands of wine lovers who've shared their curiosity, questions, experiences and enthusiasm with me. This is the fuel in my glass that keeps me excited and on my wine journey”.


Tyler Dawson
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