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Tarquin Melnyk

In 2005 Tarquin Melnyk transitioned from a career in health care to hospitality. He’s since become awarded and widely respected in his field.

Tarquin is on a quest to elevate beverage culture and provide a lasting experience for everyone he serves.
West Coast based since 2013, he led the bar at Bambudda in Vancouver’s Gastown, where he transformed it into one of the city’s most notable and adventurous cocktail bars.
Tarquin’s love for plants, innovative molecular drinks and food science led him to a research & development role with Ms. Better’s Bitters, a line of high-quality bitters, syrups, vegan products.
Part of this role is cocktail/menu development for restaurants and bars across North America and the UK.
Ms. Better's is currently available in 20 countries.
One of their most notable products is the Miraculous Foamer, a shelf stable, compact, allergen free & plant-based tincture that replaces egg whites in cocktails.
The Spirit Business listed it at number 10 on their ‘50 most innovative products in the world’ (2017)
Tarquin is currently a bartender at Copperpenny Distilling Co, in North Vancouver’s - and helps operate an innovative pop-up concept called Sizzle Beach (a collaboration with hospitality professionals that he enjoys working with from a variety of venues in Vancouver.
In addition to bartending, food science and product development - Tarquin has spent time as a writer and photographer for a variety of blogs and publications.

Tarquin Melnyk
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