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Robyn Gray

Robyn Gray has worked in the hospitality industry for 25+ years starting at the age of 18 in Glasgow, Scotland. Operating cocktail bars, nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, hotel lounges and now running his own consulting company, he seeks to share his experience.

Imbibing knowledge from Lisbon Bar Show, Edinburgh and Puerto Rico’s ‘Tales on Tour’, Athens Bar Show, BCB Brooklyn and the Art of the Cocktail as well as hosting seminars at ‘Tales of the Cocktail’ New Orleans, Long Table Distillery, Sovereign Sessions, CPBA Toronto, Copperpenny Distillery and Sunday School to name a few.

Leaning into the history and the evolution of tonic water as one of the world’s greatest mixers is a pleasure and duty not taken lightly by this bartender hosting at Cornucopia 2023!

Robyn Gray
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