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Marina Castillo

Marina is a true citizen of the world. Born and raised in Argentina, she has also lived in Canada and China, and speaks many languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and a little Chinese. She holds a masters in Global Communications from a joint program between SFU Vancouver and CUC Beijing. She also holds a WSET 3 (merit) diploma. While in Canada Marina worked at Kitsilano Wine Cellar where she fell in love with wine and was offered the position of Catena Zapata Brand Ambassador in Asia-Pacific in 2017. Now based back in Vancouver, Marina is working as Catena Zapata family ambassador in both Canada and USA.

Marina’s wine passion started by accident when she moved to Mendoza to pursue her BA in International Relations. She was invited to an “Asado” (Argentina’s sacred BBQ) where the only drink offered was wine, and when she asked for another beverage (she didn’t like wine at all at the time!), she was told: “This is Mendoza, you either drink wine or die out of thirst.” She did so very obediently, and Marina and wine have been best friends ever since. An oaky, fruit-forward and velvety Malbec was her first love.
Marina is passionate about making a difference in the world. For the last decade she has belonged to JCI, an international non-profit dedicated to creating positive change, locally and globally. Marina has represented Argentina as the captain of the debating team in a JCI World Congress and performed as a judge at the National High-School Academic Debate and Speech Tournament in Beijing.

She is passionate about connecting with people, media and communication, meditation, dancing and breathtaking wine.

Marina Castillo
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