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Inez Cook

Inez Cook grew up in Vancouver BC and is a proud member of the Nuxalk Nation in Bella Coola BC

Inez is the co founder and owner of Salmon n’Bannock Bistro located in Vancouver as well as an author of the children’s book ‘The Sixties Scoop ‘

The Award winning Salmon n’Bannock Bistro opened its doors Feb 15 2010 and proudly showcases Indigenous cuisine with a modern palate .
Salmon n’Bannock on the Fly opened at Yvr international departures Feb 13 2023 ( the first time in Canadian history an Indigenous restaurant in any Canadian airport)

Inez and Salmon n’ Bannock have been featured in several international media outlets including Time Magazine ,The BBC ,National Geographic , CNN, The Guardian , The New York Times , The San Fransisco Chronicle, der Spiegel, Samatha Brown , Moosemeat and Marmalade, Crazy like a Lynx,and Power to the People to name a few .

Inez has recently retired from 33 years in the airline industry and has lived all over the world ..
She always dreamed of having a restaurant that could take guests on a journey ,
She did not know that the journey shhe is taking you on is the journey within.

Inez Cook
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