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Christine Campbell

Christine Campbell is a WSET-certified wine and travel writer and co-host of the YouTube channel - Crush On This. She is the owner of, where she reviews and posts scores on wines from around the world.

Christine is the Wine Soundtrack Canada podcast host and is underway interviewing winemakers and winery owners across the country.

You can find Christine’s writing in Vitis Magazine where she contributes to the ‘Wine Geek’ column, and has written features on ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Wine Life’.

A cheerleader for B.C. and Canadian wines, she is also a French, Champagne and Canadian wine judge with the International Wine and Spirits Competition based in London, England. Christine is a French Wine Scholar and Master of Champagne. She spent over a year walking the vineyards and savouring the wines of the Champagne region. She is #chardcore.

Christine Campbell
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