Please see full Covid-19 Response, here.


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Q: Will I be required to wear a mask?
A: When entering, exiting the building, all patrons (including Whistler Conference Centre and Event Staff members) will be required to wear a mask. This includes vacating your seat to use the washroom.


Q: Will there be masks available onsite?
A: Yes, we will have disposable masks available for use should you forget to bring your own.


Q: If I am feeling unwell, what should I do?
A: If you are feeling unwell or exhibiting any signs of Covid-19, please stay home. In order to receive a refund of your Cornucopia event ticket, we will require a note from a doctor that due to COVID-19 you should not attend.


Q: What Covid-19 Protocols are in place at Cornucopia?
A: Please see our COVID-19 response here


Q: Why can I only purchase two to ten tickets for some events?
A: Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, we have group ticket purchase minimums for some events. This has been put forth for the comfort and safety of our guests.


Q: Is there food at the drink seminars?
A: Not unless specified in the event description.


Q: Are children allowed at any event during Cornucopia?
A: No. All events at Cornucopia are for guests 19 years of age and older, therefore children will not be admitted. Due to liquor licensing, the Whistler Conference Centre cannot allow people under the age of 19 in any part of the building for the duration of the Cornucopia event.


Q: Where can I pick up my tickets that I purchased online?
A: Your tickets are emailed to you. You can have them available for scanning on your mobile device or print them out at home.


Q: Where can I pick up tickets to the Restaurant Event that I purchased?
A: There are no physical tickets to Restaurant Events. After tickets have been purchased online, all reservations will be included on a guest list provided to the restaurant. All you have to do is show up to the establishment on the night of. If you would like to bring a copy of your confirmation email, that would be great.


Q: What is your refund policy?
A: We have a no-refunds policy for all Cornucopia ticket sales. 2021 Exceptions:

If an event is cancelled by the Organizer, a full refund minus 5% will be issued within 45 days of cancellation.


Q: Do I have to tip at the Winery Dinner that I purchased online?
A: No. Gratuity & GST have been included in the price of the ticket. If you were very happy with the service and feel the need to tip extra, you are welcome to, but it is not required.


Q: How can I volunteer for Cornucopia?
A:Please email your interest to


If you have any further questions or concerns, please email, here.