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Considering the continuation of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cornucopia, in 2021, will look different. With double vaccination rates on the rise, vaccine passports and other public safety measures, BC is taking steps towards fully opening, but we’re not there yet.  The safety and well-being of Cornucopia attendees, presenters, staff, and our Whistler Community is our number one priority.  We have made changes to the event to make it safe and yet still educational, successful, and delicious.  We are undertaking enhanced health and safety measures, that exceed public health requirements.  We will continue to work with public health, follow best practices and act in concert with the spirit of our Public Health Officers orders.

If you are considering coming to a Cornucopia event, please read our health and safety measures below that have been put in place to ensure your experience is a fun and safe one.



We’re continuing to update protocols based on the latest government recommendations. Here’s what to expect when you visit:

  • Online ticketing only

  • Vaccine passport and matching identification for all attendees, presenters, and staff.

  • Mandatory mask wearing in lines and within building when not seated

  • Physical distance between groups while entering and exiting venue

  • Participants & Employees are required to self screen before entering the venue

  • Group seating to a max of ten 

  • Physical distance between groups as mandated by public health

  • Sanitizer stations

  • Signage reminders of best practices


Seminars will be held in the ballrooms to allow extra spacing and good ventilation.

Signature Events will be limited minimally to 50% capacity of rooms and will exceed public health regulations ​

Cornucopia Team Screening:
All people engaged to work during Cornucopia must pass a health screening prior to each shift. All team members will be required to wear a facemask or shield for the duration of their shift with the exception of Presenters during presenting.  Presenters will be physically distanced from attendees and will wear masks if away from podium.

Attendee Screening
As part of the entry process to the event you will be asked a series of questions related to COVID-19.  Refusal to answer, an answer that puts attendee’s health status in question, or an elevated temperature will be grounds to deny entry.

Increased Cleaning
Seminars and dinners/luncheons/experiences are staggered so we can ensure cleaning between events.  We have increased cleaning procedures and dedicated staff members focused on the task. Hand sanitizer is also available for guests.


For the safety of our team members and guests, we ask that you:

  • Are fully vaccinated

  • Stay home if you or others around you feel sick

  • Wear a mask at any time you are not seated

  • Follow posted signs about physical distancing

  • Purchase tickets online – tickets will not be available on site.

  • Sanitize your hands at provided stations



BC Health Regulations mandate that all event attendees must be "Fully Vaccinated" for events that occur after October 24th.  Cornucopia has gone a step further and has mandated that all staff, and presenters be fully vaccinated as well.  "Fully Vaccinated" means two doses.  Information on how to become vaccinated can be found here.

Stay Home if You Feel Sick
Please do not attend if you feel sick, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19.


Wear A Mask Unless Seated
Masks are required in common areas such as the lobby, washrooms, hallway and as you enter and exit the venue. Once you are in your seat, you are welcome to remove your mask.


Follow Posted Signs about Physical Distancing
For the safety of our team members and other guests, please follow all signs and physical distancing markings posted at the venue.


Sanitize Your Hands
Please sanitize your hands at the provided stations, including at the door upon entrance.


Are masks required?
Cornucopia will require all staff and all guests to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Masks cannot be equipped with an exhale valve that would push unfiltered exhalation particles into the environment. If a guest cannot wear a mask due to medical or religious reasons, they must wear a Face Shield in lieu of a mask.

Masks and/or Face Shields must be worn at all times except when a guest is sitting in their designated seat.

If a guest arrives on the premises without a mask and/or Face Shield, they will be asked to leave; no exceptions.


Refund Policy:
No refunds


  • If an event is cancelled by the Organizer a refund will be issued within 45 days of cancellation.  Five percent of ticket price will be withheld to help defray ticketing and credit card fees

  • A note from a doctor that due to COVID-19 you should not attend.  A refund will be issued minus a five percent fee to help off-set the cost of ticketing and credit card fees.


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please direct them here.

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