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Cornucopia is the True North of food & drink festivals – a place of culinary reckonings, where the wild meets the refined and the epic and the epicurious come together.

This November, Cornucopia returns to Whistler to celebrate food + drink in style. Embracing the palate, the plate, and the Pacific North West, Cornucopia is a promise of warmth and welcome to all-comers amongst a convivium of global taste-makers.

Cornucopia, Whistler’s Celebration of Food & Drink, is owned by a not-for-profit and run as a charity benefit for the community.

General Inquiries and Event Information
Winery and Beverage Partnership Inquiries
Exhibitor and Sponsorship Inquiries
Media and Public Relations

Sue Eckersley – Executive Director
Justina Armstrong – Director of Operations

Kayla Randazzo - Event Manager
Mary Zinck and Tania Sear – Communications and Media

Please note: The festival’s events’ servings of wine will be one and a half to two ounces per glass. Maximum legal consumption is two ounces per hour. Tasting etiquette tip: swirl, sniff, sip & spit. Cornucopia encourages the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Due to Canadian liquor laws, persons under the age of 19 (this includes infants, children and teenagers) will not be permitted in the Whistler Conference Centre during Cornucopia nor are they permitted at any event located in the Whistler Conference Centre.

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